Frigid Winters

This Winter was particularly tough.

More than ever before, I found myself having to brave the frigid temperatures of an Ontario Winter as part of my regular commute.

It isn’t the snow or general cold that bothered me so much as the bitter winds that wrapped themselves tightly around every part of me, determined not to let go, which had me cursing the weather internally one morning.

Without realizing I was setting the stage for the day to come, I kept thinking negatively about something I had zero control over and stopping me in my tracks was the cleverest heart, in the middle of the side walk, at the end of someone’s driveway.


Immediately, I remembered that if I had a rotten day because of anything, it would be a result of the thoughts rushing through my mind in that moment.

And justlikethat, the day set off in another direction.

Give yourself a moment, press pause and think deliberately about the moment you’re in and the thought you’re in the midst of thinking- is it something you really want?

Let the hearts remind you and guide you home.

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