Sushi and Miso

I was out for sushi with friends after bowing out of an interesting week and I was left scratching my head about what would come next.

Sometimes self-reflection and taking stock of why a connection didn’t work out and making sure that you’re intentional about what you do next is necessary.

The process was tiring and I was wondering whether or not I would feel more than apathy about a certain situation when I noticed this heart in my miso soup…


It was so small I may have missed it, were I not staring into the bowl of soup, trying to make sense of what my good friends were telling me about relationships, life and what they’ve learned about love.

They’ve been together for over 10 years now and their words still ring true in my mind, urging me not to give up or give in because there is a person amidst all of the interesting experiences I’ve had in dating and romance.

The heart served as an important reminder to let go and allow everything to fall into place because in the end, we won’t remember the things we talked about over sushi dinners, but the things like hearts, that fill us up with gratitude in mere seconds. We’ll remember too, who we shared those moments with but we’ll hardly remember the junk in between.

Here’s to the gratitude and the people we share that with.


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