Salted Sidewalks

It was the coldest night of the year and I was making my way to someone’s house to see them, filled with a mixture of emotions as I contemplated what place I wanted them to have in my life.

It’s never a good thing to start thinking about but sometimes it’s necessary because we can’t be everything to everyone, yet we try our damndest.

And “damndest” isn’t likely to bring us much joy in the long run.

I knew I had to take a step back but wasn’t sure of how to do it with love while also ensuring that my emotions were heard and were simultaneously respected.

Those two hopes together make for a sometimes tall order and doesn’t often come with guarantees that others will hear where we’re genuinely coming from. Most of the time, they won’t hear it.

I’m definitely no cynic, but tough conversations are, well, tough.

While I was waiting at a semi-lit bus stop, I found this heart on the pavement, formed by the hardened salt, frozen in the sub zero temperatures Canada is known for.


It reminded me to stay centred and that no matter what happened, it was going to be okay.

And some time later, I can say that it is okay.

It may be a sometimes bumpy ride but I can promise you that it’s always working out in our favor.

The hearts remind me of that even when I don’t see how it could be true.

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