Blueberry Heart

My wonderful room-mate makes smoothies on a regular basis.

At one point it was a soothing sound to hear the Nutribullet fired up and filling the apartment with a dull hum, as he started his morning.

I woke up after he left one morning and found the sink empty but for one blueberry left behind from the morning. At the time, I hadn’t found hearts for a while and was tangled in questions of self-worth and wondering whether or not it was time to jump ship, from a dating situation I’d gotten myself into. Needless to say, a lot was on my mind when this little bit of blueberry guided me back to my place of peace.


I don’t know if he realized the power of his breakfast but that day it centred me and had me thanking my lucky stars that I was in a place where I was still able to hear not only the hum of the blender, but the voice inside letting me know that all was well.

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