Christmas Shopping With Granny

It was the day of a Christmas party and I was trying to find the perfect gift for our Secret Santa-type gift exchange.

I wasn’t sure how I would find anything in a small town, especially the day of the party, but my Granny and I went into town and wandered some of the stores on Main St. in the morning to see what we could find.

There’s something to be said for doing mundane things with people who mean a great deal to you. It’s as though you get to experience a beautiful side of them that comes out in intimate moments reserved for those who know them well. It’s the things we reveal about ourselves when we think no one is watching. And that morning, it was everything I needed.

While we were browsing, I lit up like a Christmas tree when this piece of artwork jumped out at me in the bathroom decor aisle.


We made our way into other stores as the town slowly came to life, trucks passing by the front windows as they filtered into the main streets from the quiet side streets.

While walking through one store whose main decor was country oriented, there were hearts galore. Out of respect for the store owner’s designs and crafts, I refrained from taking any photos, though I captured this picture of a perfect heart hook that jumped out at me as we wound through the store and neared the exit.


The weekend was turning out to be a great one, despite finding myself in a neck brace and in some degree of pain from both a break and pinched nerve in/around my spine.

It was as though the Universe was sending me one more reminder to add a little more laughter and a lot more understanding that it was going to work out for the best.

The heart was like a message to consider that tough times give us reasons to find the good not in spite of, but because of the not-so-happy parts of our lives.

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