Green Onion Hearts

I recently found out that I had an interview with a great company for a new job I was looking for, without realizing that I was looking for it.

The waiting period was the hardest and it was filled with doubt and occasionally, its cousin worry.

I knew I was ready for a change and I hoped that this would be the shifts I felt within for a few days before the call about the interview.

Helping to deal with any stress, I went for a run, several times that week.

One day in particular, I was coming home to my usual post-run plate of vegetables and some tuna. I decided to spice up the mix a little bit and toss in some green onion, when I found this on the counter as I was picking up the bits and pieces afterwards.

It was sitting under the plate as I loaded up freshly cut veggies and started to dig into a fantastic little feast.

In the end, I had nothing to worry about anyway because as it turned out, I got the job and the hearts I found along the way to it, were just a reminder that it would all be fine anyway.

I just had to listen to what they were saying.

And I’m so glad I did.

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