Wish Upon a Cloud

I was out for a late afternoon walk, giving thanks for all the world gave me that week and all that I got to give back to the world.

My heart was filled to the absolute brim and it kept saying, “Dream as big as you possibly can, love,”

And before I could even think another thought after that small, still voice washed over my insides, I saw the shape of a genie’s lamp in the clouds.IMG_2670

I literally laughed out loud and to the amusement of a stranger on a picnic bench nearby, stopped and took several photos.

There was this sense of wanting to share this moment with everyone and the Universe stopped me in my tracks, as if to say, “This one’s just for you, for just a moment.”

And further along the trail, I found so much beauty around me.


Then a heart made its way to me.

And after seeing the lamp in the clouds, I smirked while thinking to the Universe, “You’re going to give me another heart, aren’t you?”


The short answer?


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