Running Heart

During the Spring, I took up running to get into shape for a 5k I committed myself to.

While I don’t run every day like I used to, I still try to get in at least one run per week.

Towards the end of the summer, in early August, I found this little heart on a bridge as I started to hit “the wall”, that said I couldn’t keep going.IMG_2621

Using all the strength that running requires, I powered through and felt the freedom of remembering that the body can do so much more than the mind sometimes perceives.

And love led me to it.

It’s there for the big moments and the little ones every day, too. It was as though the Universe was reminding me of the fact that it’s even in the little details like getting me through a tough spot in a run.

The big things and the little details.

It’s there whether we choose to see it or not.

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