Green Tea Lattes And Ease

The leaves on the trees were making way for more Autumn than Summer sunshine.

And I couldn’t have been more content with that fact.

Work was becoming more challenging and I found myself stuck in a rut, tires spinning furiously, trying to dig their way out of a muddy groove. All slip and no slide.

Before I changed jobs I was barely making ends meet and struggling with understanding how I would see the other side of the story about money I found myself living and believing every inch of- Struggle. Lack. Not deserving.

I spent afternoons going for walks to empty my mind and heart, so that I might be ready for opportunity when I heard its familiar knocking at my door.

One of those very walks found me face-to-face with leaves strewn across the trail, shaped precisely like hearts.


The lesson I learned through it all, was that worry did absolutely nothing to change the situation. The situation changed because I stopped worrying and took steps from that place of inspiration, to affect more change.

The most I could do was speculate and as Wayne Dyer once said, “I don’t know enough to be a pessimist.”

What I was amazed to learn, was that I got more “done”, by planting a few seeds and kicking back with a green tea latte and a magazine, than I ever did by worrying my way out of a situation. IMG_2485

I’ve learned that where the hearts are, is where I want to be.

And what I came to realize is that sometimes they live in the places where I spend less time “doing” and more time simply enjoying the moment and the abundance it offers.

Go where the hearts are and stay for a while.

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