Beauty in The Bitter Sweet

It was near the end of the summer and I was finally beginning to move past the aches and growing pains of being single.

I can’t say that I was ever the type of person who was crazy for relationships like some were; I didn’t have my wedding planned at a young age and when some girls were picking mock wedding dresses, I was busy playing sports and getting my hands covered in dirt while playing outside.

I was at peace with where I was and was taking the time to catch my breath and survey the landscape of my heart as the emotions within it, surrounded me so fully. There are times however, where you feel the bitter sweet sting of single- and what a gift, too. Even through the more painful days, the hearts found me.

The gift of that sting comes in when you realize that at no other point are we as open to possibility and to miracles as we are when those little aches make their way into our days.

And for me, questions and beliefs I once held near and dear to my heart were on display as I held them up to the light.

Some had served me well and others, I couldn’t wait to cast by the wayside as I moved on to new adventures. Reflecting on this before bed, I smiled at the shadows in my room when I looked down at my pillow, seeing a heart on the empty pillow beside me.

IMG_2486It was was a beautiful reminder and soothing balm, that it would be okay.

The only thing required of us at any moment, is staying open. The rest always falls into place.

Love will always find you, if you let it in; You don’t have to know exactly how or why- the willingness is more than enough. You as you are today, are enough.

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