Pink Pages Directory Turns 25!

Last night I had the honor of joining the Pink Pages Directory publishing family at the celebration of it’s 25 years in business.

It was a magical night that saw me rubbing shoulders with people I admired from afar for a long time. One interaction included meeting a favorite author and a few other nationally renowned performers.

My friend and “Momma Bird” and I were on the patio while he had a smoke and I got some air.

I was looking up at the cloudy night sky, my head tilted back in the Muskoka chairs provided and he put his hand on my knee, saying while waving a finger through the air over me, “Just so you know, all of this, who you are today, is so far from who you were two years ago. You’ve come a long way kid- enjoy it because this is just the beginning. Cheers!”


And I did. Smiling like I was a fountain of abundance for all the good things life has to offer, I remember feeling like each step I took around the party was it’s own celebration.


All that morning I was finding hearts galore and while we were en route to the party, I saw one on the back of a truck, of all places!


Even within minutes of getting to the event, I was still finding them.


It was the perfect reminder all day that the real party started in the moment I decided to rise like the Phoenix in Maya Angelou’s poem and act like I was already a V.I.P. in life. We all are, aren’t we?

Here’s to living from that place and finding reminders along the way of our brilliance for when we forget, or when the Universe is simply feeling playful.


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