It was a day of connecting and building bridges with business ideas.

I was chatting with a friend about how to help his budding startup that held a great deal of promise, using my photography and while in the midst of making lunch during our conversation, this heart remained in the water after I drained pasta. It was as though the green light was flashing that inspiration was taking part in the conversation too.

20140824-061950.jpgI went out for a walk later that same day, despite the humidity and rain, looking to savor the trees beginning to change.

I’d felt a little discouraged about romance, spending more time wondering negatively than feeling in awe of the romance I already have in my life, when I found this on the trail out of nowhere.

20140824-062010.jpgAnd as if to hammer the point home, I saw another one before getting close to the house.

20140824-062341.jpgThere are days where I the ability to see all these hearts is something of a super power and I love being able to share that power, or whatever other name there is for it.

It’s always been and will always be about love.

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