We Are Heart Shaped Flowers

Still on the island at the time, I was thinking about what it would be like to share in all the nature of Manitoulin with a special someone.

I used to keep a tidy list of things I wanted in a partner, in the hopes that I would find them or be able to see them when they arrived.

Quite like the hearts, however, I realized that it felt best when you let yourself be surprised by the traits in others.

I often said before, that I wanted a partner to be like a flower on a pathway which I walk along all the time. Once I slowed down to savor everything around me, they pleasantly surprised me with their easy beauty.

While meditating on these things on one of my walks, I found these two hearts and remembered that I need only focus on how good it will feel and list off things I’m grateful for here and now, rather than traits about some person I’m yet to meet or someone I’ve already met. Gratitude is where it begins and ends.
IMG_1883IMG_1856The flower surprised even me and I see the hearts every day.

As I’ve said before…

Good things are on the move and headed our way.


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