With Momma Bird

Recently, Momma Bird and I went out to do some celebrating. He took me out for sushi dinner to do some celebrating and afterwards we went for a walk, talked about new dreams and played at the nearby park.

20140824-061450.jpg20140824-061526.jpg20140824-061610.jpg20140824-061749.jpg20140824-061812.jpgAnd naturally, along the way we saw more than a few hearts.

Even after all this time, he still exclaims with surprise at how they reveal themselves to me with a, “Holy flip kid!” and a comment about being a magnet for love and hearts.

20140824-062709.jpgSometimes they have no rhyme or reason and other times they remind me to stay grateful and full of hope.

That night though, they were a high five and a hug from the Universe.


















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