Inspiration On The Trail

I love going trail running.

Few things compare to the feeling of a cool summer day, with the breeze blowing through my hair and my feet hitting the pavement, each stride bringing me closer to the goal I set for myself that day.

While going on those runs, I’ve found several little “spots” to bring a book to and relax or do some writing at. One particular walk after a run brought me to a random picnic bench tucked away in a quiet corner of the trail.

Grateful for the peace surrounding the bench, I sat down with a book recently and took to writing down my plan for what I want to do with the rest of 2014, because I had a moment to pause and say, “THAT WAS JUST 6 MONTHS?! Um, time to plan for more stuff.”

And there I was, making notes and plans when I was looking at the nature surrounding me to see a heart in the midst of someone’s doodles on the wood of the bench.

Fully supported.

Though that was never in question.

My willingness to participate in that supported feeling was up to me and I took full advantage, smiling at the sky as the sun warmed my face, remembering to say thank you for the beautiful reminder.

IMG_1240 ❤

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