After The Rainfall

I wouldn’t say that I was bitter, because bitter is a flavor that takes time to settle in for the long haul.

It was, however, frustrating to sort through the remaining pieces of what felt like such a lovely start to a relationship.

The rain fell and hard, bringing with it lightning and thunder that afternoon. I was perfectly content, because rainy days are among my favorites and I needed an evening where I could hear the droplets pounding the windows to remind me that there is great beauty in the downpour.

I went for a walk afterwards and found this on the ground, the sky brightening slightly as the world dried beneath it.

Walking along I saw it and despite feeling like saying to the Universe, “REALLY?! I don’t want it- take it BACK!” I still took the picture because there was something in me which recognized that there was truth to it and the placement on the pavement in the mix of my days.

On a day where I wanted nothing to do with love, it still found me.

So just think about how abundantly it’s flowing at all times if, even when it feels like a joke, it still means something.

That’s just how it goes.

There’s more than enough for everyone, in every place we’re at.

IMG_0725 ❤

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