Heart In The Clouds

I went for a walk last week and while basking in all the beautiful sunshine, found more hearts than I knew what to do with.

The hearts started showing up in clouds and I said to the Universe with a smirk, “That’s how it’s going to be today, huh?”

untitled-211 untitled-210 untitled-187 untitled-89The Universe replied loud and clear with a display of heart shaped clouds and a feeling of love swelled up inside of me, so great that it brought tears to my eyes because it wasn’t just finding a random stone here or there. The entire sky was taking the shape of love and it felt like I was communicating directly with my Maker.untitled-77untitled-69

untitled-66untitled-50 untitled-45It was as if I was being wrapped up in a huge hug by the same Stuff that make the stars shine at night and give the Sun it’s warm rays. Every heartbeat felt like a reminder that there’s something more that we’re here for, regardless of how our day-to-day jobs, dramas and relationships command our attention. It found the place in my heart where the knowledge rests, that there’s only love to give and receive; everything that looks like it’s not love is something we’ve given a clever name to, to close ourselves off from love but the truth is that it’s all love if we let it be.

While walking back home, I felt self-conscious of the tears that streaked my face earlier in my trek, though I cared little because the moments we feel that close to the Universe are a gift worth tearing up about.

Just another reminder that it’s all good and that it’s all being taken care of in ways you can’t even imagine now because they’re that incredible.


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